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Do you have desire personal development, but are looking for an alternative to traditional talk therapy? Are you receptive to new ideas and perspectives? Are you ready to take charge of your own story and healing journey?

Trauma can be much more common than we like to admit. When many people hear the term, “trauma,” they may think of abuse, violence, or life-threatening events – but trauma can also include relationship distress, a lack of nurturing, or our sources of connection being hindered. Relational trauma doesn’t always look like family conflict or divorce. Sometimes it’s what wasn’t said or what wasn’t done that can leave the most lasting impact. Our experience of grief isn’t always just about losing someone important to us. The sadness of grief can encompass many types of life circumstances and is an indicator that we lost something important – whether it be a vision of ourselves, a sense of security, or possibility for the future.

Sorrow, emotional distress, and dissatisfaction with our bodies may lead us to question our capacity to grow or heal. My expertise lies in guiding individuals to reconnect with their inner strengths and cultivate self-confidence by fostering curiosity, courage, and a spirit of self-exploration. I believe in creating a safe, compassionate space where my clients feel heard, validated, and supported.

My specialties are relational trauma and grief work. I am a trained EMDR clinician that also utilizes mindfulness, Somatic experiencing, and Attachment Focused approaches.

If you are a dog lover you are also in luck! My four-legged compadre, Barry, is a certified therapy dog and can provide additional support in our work together. Please contact me for a free phone consultation.

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